Ever since I was a young girl I’ve dreamed of travelling the world. Inspired by my grandfathers National Geographic magazines and watching David Attenborough on TV I wanted to see those amazing people, animals and places with my own eyes.

I studied engineering and have worked as a fly in fly out contractor at a number of Australian mining sites since 2004 which has allowed me to see much of Asia and the rest of the world. But I want more!

I am blogging in order to share my experience with those who cannot travel. To inspire those who want to travel but have not. To help where I can. to share more, to live more….. to see and do more…. to learn… to make new friends.

I have lived with Scleroderma since I was 21 and take so many pills it’s a wonder I don’t rattle. I have also had several run-ins with cancer. All of these things although painful, scary and often pulling me off of what I thought was my path, remind me of how short life is, and to not take feeling good for granted.

I’m still looking for a partner in crime and working through my bucket list.

I’m loving the life I live while creating the life of my dreams… 😀

What about you?


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